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Pharmaceutical Prescribing

Dr. Lise Maltais has been granted the authority to prescribe pharmaceutical medicines.

The scope of practice for Naturopathic Physicians in British Columbia has been expended to include pharmaceutical prescribing since April 2009.

Prescription drugs available to naturopathic physicians are similar to that of a medical doctor. Not included are pain medications, steroids, narcotics, psychiatric and chemotherapy drugs.

This welcomed change will ensure that naturopathic physicians can continue to use natural medicines that have become “scheduled”, meaning available only by prescription. Pharmaceutical medicines have a place in any primary care medical setting, including the clinics of Naturopathic Physicians.

Dr. Maltais can help you with getting a the root cause of the illness, and propose a complete variety of treatments, including nutritional change, exercise, herbal and nutritional supplements, Bowen technique, homeopathy and pharmaceutical options.

A more complete scope of practice means a better way to help patients, and knowing that at the same time, each case is looked at individually.

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~ Dr. Lise Maltais, ND ~
Comox, BC