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First let me thank you for introducing me to this amazing therapy/technique, for your deep commitment to your product which allowed me the opportunity to feel it working in my body, my spirit….

It seems to me that the vibration following my treatment was very subtle and yet as deep reaching I think as it could be. I felt more grounded than I have felt for some time while at the same time a sense of calm or peace allowed me to float through my family’s reunion from a different perspective than I have experienced in my life. (...) I also noticed some anger that surfaced and quickly dissipated as I again just got on with whatever I was doing and did not take on the struggle...
So Lise, this is a little bit of my experience as I remember it two weeks later. I am hooked...
Again, thank you for treating me and introducing me to this profound work.

Warm regards
Marjorie McQuarrie


Thanks Lise, for the information...with YOUR magic fingers I know her body will respond.
I DO think you are magical!! I would not keep referring people to you if I didn't think you could help them. I KNOW you can!!

Phyllis Edwards
Bio-Imaging Osteoporosis Outreach

We are so lucky to have you as our Doctor............we are so grateful for your wonderful healing Art.........you are very special and I will share the Good News of your gift with all of my friends. We really need you!!!!!!


I would like to thank Dr. Maltais and give her a glowing 5 Star Recommendation!

The knowledge, experience and intuition she uses in her practice are for me the perfect combination of skills for a health care professional.

Before I met Dr. Maltais I felt that my health, my emotional state and my quality of life were off track.

The treatment she prescribed for me was a combination of nutritional advice, Bowen treatments to deal with the pain I was experiencing and safe natural supplements to keep my emotions in check.

I now feel like I am in control of my health and I am confident that I can, with Dr. Maltais support. ensure continued good health for myself and my family.

Thank you,
Debra Wells



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~ Dr. Lise Maltais, ND, FCAH, CBTI ~
Comox, BC