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Nutritional Coaching - Paleo

Paleo (for paleolithic) nutrition is based on the diet of our ancestors, the hunter gatherer. They evolved over millions of years eating foods such as fish and meat, wild plants, nuts and seeds, and fruits. Our human blueprint has changed very little while our world has been transformed dramatically. Our foods have become processed and boxed. It is my belief that we are hardwired to eat like our ancestors.

There are numerous scientific studies that support the application of the paleo lifestyle.

Paleo nutrition can dramatically reduce the amount of inflammation in your tissues. This diet favours a complete resolution of your digestive issues and improves gut health. Some have recovered from serious conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Thyroid disorders, and other auto immune conditions respond remarkably well to the paleo nutrition. Diabetes, IBS, celiac, hypertension can be helped. Weight loss is attainable, without counting calories. Your body composition changes; your build muscle while you lose the fat.
In essence, paleo nutrition is all about eating REAL foods. Nothing processed or transformed. Grains and legumes are not consumed because of their contents of various anti-nutrients that promote leaky gut syndrome.

Dr. Maltais can help you get started.

Paleo cooking classes are coming, please enquire by e-mail if interested.

Dr. Maltais is listed in Primaldocs.com and Paleophysiciansnetwork.com



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~ Dr. Lise Maltais, ND, FCAH, CBTI ~
Comox, BC