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EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Voll)

Our EAV Machine

Electro Dermal Screening Test (EDST) or the electro-acupuncture diagnostic method measures the skinís electrical activity at designated acupuncture points. An electronic device designed by Reinhold Voll, the EAV machine or Dermatron, consists of a 10-micro ampere meter calibrated from 0 to100.  Patients hold the negative electrode in one hand while operators place the probe, which constitutes the positive electrode, on selected acupuncture points, called control measurements points (CMP), in the hands and feet.

 Dr. Voll highlighted that when an initially measured-maximum value decreases and stabilizes at a lower reading, it is characterized what he called an indicator drop (ID).  The ID could be the most critical sign for detecting physiological abnormalities.  According to his theory, when the bioelectric conductance of organs or systems is unable to maintain a stable current, and a new balance is established at a lower-reading level, the functionality of those organs and systems might be impaired.  However, a stable reading of 50 shows that organs or system being tested are in balance and normally functioning whereas readings progressively going toward 100 indicate the presence of inflammatory processes.

Later, Dr. Voll noticed that his patientsí readings could be suddenly improved when they held vials of homeopathic medication in their hands.  The opposite happened when remedies were removed. Dr. Voll also observed that to obtain the ideal measurement of 50, the dosage of the medication needed to be adjusted.  According to him, the phenomenon of medicine testing occurs due to the electromagnetic characteristics of the medications, which cause reactions in the energetic level of body.

The use and accuracy of EDST is biophysically based on bio-energy and bio-information.  All living beings produce energy.  Such power is embedded with biological information that travels throughout the organism. For instance, cells produce informational energy whenever they perform their specialized tasks for the organs to function. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the quality of organ function and the energy generated.

According Dr. Tsui, Chinese medicine believes that bio energy, so-called chi, is generated in the internal organs and flows throughout the meridians, which are channels near the skin surface. There are a number of acupuncture points on the meridians where the flow of the energy can be manipulated. The stimulation of these points by various means affects the flow of energy and produce secondary effects on related organs and systems.  Therefore, diagnostic systems based on EDST portray the same basic design and share functional use. She explained that the core of the device is an ohmmeter that delivers between 10 to12 microamperes of direct current varying from 1.00 to 1.25 volts. In most EDST machines, the meter reads from 0 to 100 in order that the standard resistance of the skin reads 50 with zero representing infinite resistance and 100 indicating the absence of resistance.

Several researchers (Lam & Tsuei, 1983; Rossman & Popp, 1986; Sullivan, Eggleston & Martinoff, 1985) have performed controlled studies, which demonstrate significant correlation between pre-diagnosed pathology and the pathological index on relevant meridians measured by the EDST machine.

 (Text by Dr. Oliveira)



During the course of the initial one-hour session done by Dr. Maltais or our technician, the patient will experience both the visual and auditory aspects as the device scans body systems. This scan forms a basis from which the individualís health concerns may be correctly identified. You will be scheduled for a follow up with Dr. Maltais to go over your results. An individualized treatment plan will be initiated. You will be rescheduled with our technician approximately 4 weeks after the start of your treatment plan to follow-up the areas that were identified and measure the improvements you have gained.


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~ Dr. Lise Maltais, ND ~
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